Vintage Timber Wood Door

Vintage as a trader focuses in the business of marketing, exporting, trading and local distribution with the tie up and support from well-known Manufacturer.

Vintage specialize in timber and timber related products. Our raw materials are source from within Malaysia and we use a wide range of timber species such as Meranti, Merbau, Merpauh, Nyatoh, Simpoh, Bintangor, Durian, Balau and Mixed Hardwood.

Why Choose Vintage?
Exceptional Quality: With 5 years of business and support from manufacturers, you are assured of the production and delivery time line together with quality which you can trust.

Environment Friendly: We play important roles for our environment. All our product comply to quality requirement and fulfil all the environment concern from all the respective markets.

Design Innovation: With our production facility, we have the luxury to innovate on our designs and we do constantly to provide you with the design made possible by the latest cutting edge technology.