Vintage Palm Oil
Vintage Trade In Palm Oil Trading Company. In Malaysia, provide client the best Palm Oil Quality and Pricing reason, we deal with our Direct Palm Oil Manufacturer in Malaysia. Therefore be our business associates to save time and afford, let us service assured worth the quality of our product.

To become the Quality Choices exporter on a sustainable basis to our clients.


  • We want to expand our business world widely by having business associates and serve them with the best quality and price.
  • We shall develop a successful, sustainable business that delivers increasing returns to our Company.
  • We shall deliver superior products and service through innovation and best practices.
  • We shall promote knowledge acquisitions, high performance and an ethical work culture.
  • We shall care for our planet in everything we do

Our Current Trading Palm Oil Product
At Vintage Trade Palm Oil Trading we able to supply in big volume of Crude Palm Oil, Palm Kernel Oil, Margarine, Palm Kernel Olein, Palm Kernel Stearin, Carotino and other Palm Oil Products.

  1. Crude Palm Oil
  2. Red Palm Oil
  3. Cooking Oil (Well packed) repack retail pack of cooking oil
    • 1 kg in packing
    • 5kg in pet bottle
    • 20 litres jerry
    • 17kg in tin

Iv (iodine value)-56min
Ffa (free fatty acid)-0.1% max
Color- 3 red max
Moisture & Impurities- 0.1%max
Melting point- 24 deg c max
Cloud point- 8 deg c max